Friday, February 4, 2011

Wow googling me

In the past, whenever I have gone on a date or have dated someone, they have never actually googled me, have never done a background check, or checked my credit report. I guess it’s a whole different ball game when you it involves a matrimonial prospect.
Now that I have changed my dating profile and have become a little more serious in life, I guess I can’t bluff on any cards. I knew the arranged marriage stuff and the legit marriage site, with over 20 million marital success stories to their credit, was something to be seriously considered.  I was expecting to talk to prospective matches and to get to know them. I thought the website approach would be a little different from a traditional arranged marriage, where intimate friends and family members take on a considerably more decisive role in the matchmaking process.  Now, it’s just gone hi-tech; no talking to friends or a pastor/priest, or to the elders from the community that know you. Instead, that proverbial “letter of recommendation” comes from a background check conducted via a google search.  A positive result invites for further exploration from both interested parties.

Below is the letter of how my google-search actually impressed someone:
Hi ,

You have a very unusual name -any interesting story behind it?. Incidentally my father happens to be from ##### as well. Would you mind elaborating on what the acronym "#####" stands for? Never mind. I did a g-search. So you were in California before you moved to Kentucky?. Also found out that you are the PD at ####. Very impressive.

Well my number is ### -### - #### would like to talk to you too.

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

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