Friday, January 28, 2011

Are you for real

One of my friends saw my profile on an Indian dating site, and I get the strangest call:

Friend: Are you for real?
Me : What up? what am I real about?
Friend: You set up a profile on a marriage site and it does not even look like you’re serious.
Me: Serious about what? I don’t get it
Friend: That site is not some dating site for some cheap one-night stand or where people go to to get some sick fantasy with cougars and all. I know you don't do all that and your really trying but you need to change that profile. In my opinion if you don't change your profile you're not gonna get any hits. I think  you have never filled out a dating profile before.

He went on to critique my profile and told me how I should get serious. He went on to say I was not on some dumb dating site and that I needed to be serious about it. He did not like one of my lines that read

“I am not an actor not a star , don’t drive a sports car but I hoping so much you will say it doesn’t matter any way.” He also did not like my pic among other things.

He said, "I know you get in the poet mood sometimes and that you’re a lyricist and all. I know you like to be creative, but this is a serious matter. This is your life you’re talking about, not some cheap bimbo. Not one of the whack jobs like you dated in the past. Are you serious about it?  Then you better make the changes."

I decided to take his suggestions and made the changes and the hits started coming in.

He was right, but as I chatted with some of the gals, I told them about my headline and they actually liked it! They thought I was funny. So I guess I had to merge the funny me with the serious me.

I haven’t found her yet. I am still looking.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dating sites

There was no reply last week.

I was thinking. I sure live in a world of fantasy and think a lot of the what if's in life. As I waited for an answer, I realized if I am looking for emotional stability; I should not close one door just to open the door at the other end of the room. Why can't I have the two doors open and have some cross ventilation?

I thought my options should be kept open. Whatever God wants. If I meet Ms. Right  through arrangements done by others, so be it. If i meet her through some freakish coincidence or online or a friend, so be it.

So with that in mind and since all my American friends said i should fall in love and we live in the 21st century, I decided to reopen my dating website and browse it whenever possible.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My research

I found out that the groom's family is supposed to take the proposal to the next step, so I decided to wait a week and email her parents.

the following is the email:

Dear Mr. and Mrs.********

My parents and I were wondering whether your daughter and family would like to proceed forward with the proposal. We would appreciate if you could keep us posted either way.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Anticipation

The anticipation was killing me. I thought I would stop looking after one. I stated talking to my friends finding out if it was normal not for them not to reply back. I started to talk to my friends/confidants and get their advice. These are their conversations in brief:

The first friend: (my adviser as a friend) I called up one of my friends who had his marriage arranged. I spoke to him for a while. He gave me a piece of advice: he said dont count your chickens before they were hatched. He went on to tell me it's a good option and I should pursue it. Talk to her ask her parents if you can take her out to dinner.

The second friend: I spoke to another friend who told me I need to be emotionaly attached and 4 beers later He made a comment like "she's hot." I said I like the compliment but remind me if she becomes my wife not to leave her alone with you.

The third friend (The older friend). His suggestion tell your parents not to pressure-ize you. I don't know where he got that from.

The fourth friend: (The American gay one): I dont know how you can do this. I think you should date her and fall in love and have an arranged love marriage. It was not makeing sense me. It's an arranged marriage. I just don't uinderstand how the arranged marriage system works. While in America most love marriages end in divorce, you are going to take an equally risky chance by spending the rest of your life with some one you don't know.

The fifth friend (My former business partner) Arranged marriage is better than love marriage you should definitely look into it.

My confidant: (My American boss) I dont know how some one can have their marriage arranged. I think I don't understand your culture. Maybe it will work. Give it a shot.