Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Correspondence from the gal that googled me

Thanks ###### for this pic and for adding me on facebook. I have a better idea about how you look. You probably do too about me. Hope you are having a good day at work.You will probably get the impression that I party a lot when I mention I have another party to attend this evening, then two on Friday and one on Saturday. Its all Christmas parties-diff orgs.

Talk to you soon,

TXT correspondence

Him: Thanks foe the mail I guess thats a better Pic of me in a good way, or is it a bad way lol
Her: Just the  way you are. Nothing good or bad about it. Who am i to Judge huh? Besides its not like we can take credit for how we look- what we become thats a different story
Him:True that you throwing me a curve ball
Her: haha so what are your plans for the weekend
Him:Football and  poker on a Saturday night Church on Sunday and getting ready for the week
Her: Party with the Friends  a sleepover , some school work and lil baby sitting on Sunday evening and 
Him: Enjoy the party
Her: Will do will txt you when i get back
Him: have fun
Her: Good night hon I'm back home the club was nice. I enjoyed dinner. Sweet dreams
Him: Night night am calling it a night 2 babe. 

The Next day as He called her
Her: Hon i am in class til 7
Him: Cool give me a buzz if you wanna chat after
Her: Sure will babe

She calls later and they chat for hours

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