Friday, December 17, 2010

The First Ad Reply

My parents forwarded the matrimonial advertisement in the examiner regarding your daughter.

Further to your advertisment in the examiner my details are

Name: ##################

Date of birth: XXXXXXXXXX

Qualifications: Management Studies, Mumbai university,

Masters in Advertising &and Public relations, KC college ,

Dloma in advanced computing art(CDAC),

Global Logistics Management Program at CSUDH( Cal State University Dominguez Hills)

Experience:After having worked in india for two years after graduation as an event coordinator and public relations executive and as a creative services consultant he migrated to the usa in may 2003 and has been there ever since. I currently have my green card and after two years will be applying for his american citizenship. I have been working in the usa as the director youth affairs and public relations with alocal nonprofit in california.

Other details: both my parents are practicing Christians and have brought up in the Christians teachings.

My father owns an event management company. My mother is in the usa and is helping out in the church activities. I am the only child.

If you are interested in taking this matter further I would be obliged if you could send me your daughters resume, and photograph

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