Friday, December 10, 2010

The Decission to reply

I guess I was  tired of me being single. Tired of having all my friends get married; of me being the third wheel every time I hung out with them.  I just could not take another failed relationship.  I had actually grown up and was considering replying to a matrimonial ad sent by father back in India. I guess I was tired of trying to find love on my own. Tired of surfing dating sites and dating incompatible women.  So 2 failed engagements and 3 stalkers later, I finally was man enough to ask for help, or was I?

My cousin was actualy the one planted the seed that made me realise I needed help. She had just lost her father and she initiallty broke down.  She was just 23, but was bold enough to ask the family to help in finding a boy for her. I opposed the idea at first. but since she was the only daughter, and I am the only son, we were similar. I began to think; I actually looked at what made her take the decision to reach out to family, and it made sense.

So I  was deciding  to reply to the ad, but was that the right thing to do?

Was me  asking my parents and family to help in finding me a bride, a good decisions?

These were the questions I had to answer


  1. That is so cool that your cousin wanted to help you out. I wish you didn't delay your answer by another week. I think I know what happens next.

  2. Marriage should be like the rock upon which God built this Earth. To get an arranged marriage you need to pray until it dawns upon you that God loves you and will send the chosen one just for you, so you can procreate and fulfill his blessings. Until then be patient my brother and pray to ever almighty Jesus Christ.